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Doner Kebab

Doner kebab Enderun Döner

Be surprised by the delicious flavours of our Döner Kebab! We know better than anyone how important the quality of doner products is. That is why we apply a thorough and strict quality control before our doner kebabs are dispatched. Nothing is more important to us than the best taste and quality! Doner Kebab ordering can be done via our contact form.

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Frequently asked questions about Doner Kebab

Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding Doner kebab. Is your question not listed or do you have additional questions? Feel free to contact with us, we will be happy to help you. 

Doner kebab consists of a thick, round rod of alternating layers of seasoned meat and fat rolled around a roasting spit. The rod is rotated in a standing grill heated and fried. Very thin slices are then cut off with a special knife or an electric slicing machine. Doner means "rotating" in Turkish and is originally a Turkish meat dish made of seasoned meat. So it actually means "rotating grilled meat". 


At Enderun Döner, you can order a variety of kebabs. We have doner made from lamb, veal (Yaprak), chicken (Tavuk), minced meat (Kiyma), cubed pure veal (Kusbasi) and turkey/veal (Hindi Dana Doner kebab). 

The difference between shoarma and kebab is mainly in the seasoning. Shoarma is sliced first and then the pieces of meat are fried. Kebab is slow-cooked in the standing grill and the narrow slices of meat that are cut off are no longer fried. 

All of Enderun Döner's meat is 100% halal. We are Halal certified and adhere to strict guidelines. So you can order your doner from Enderun Döner with peace of mind! 

Halal Certificaat Enderun Doner

At Enderun Döner, you can purchase Grill machines both gas and electric. We also have various types of doner knives and an electric slicer. We have everything you need for your kebab business! Take a look in our shop or take contact with us for all possibilities. 

You can order various grill machines and different types of knives in our shop. Are you interested in ordering döner rolls, lahmacun / Turkish pizza, Köfte, Kids menu boxes, döner buns, chicken wings / chicken tenders / hotwings, steak burgers, ready-made Veal spare ribs or Mix shoarma? Then take contact with us for all prices and options. You can also order trial samples and convince yourself of the delicious flavours of our meat and bread products. It is also possible for our representative to visit you at your premises to discuss the possibilities. 

A Turkish pizza is a thin base of dough topped with a spicy red sauce and lamb or beef mince. The mixture consists of spicy minced meat, onion, fresh tomatoes, parsley and spicy peppers. The base resembles a pizza, but is much thinner and the lahmacun is not topped with cheese. A Turkish pizza can be eaten rolled up like a wrap or cut into smaller pieces and served as a dish. Our Turkish pizzas are prepared fresh daily and are delicious! Would you like to order lahmacun? Then take contact with us.  

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